2015-10-28 13:02
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I am using codeigniter 3 , I have a big problem with codeigniter session ! beacause sessions will not been deleted after browser cloasing by ! so I desided to use native php session in codeigniter this way ! now I want to know if id encrypt all my session data (ative php session) , how is my security ? is this dangerous ?

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我使用的是codeigniter 3,我对codeigniter会话有一个很大的问题! 因为浏览器后会话不会被删除 我不想在codeigniter 中使用本机php会话 这样! now我想知道id是否加密了我所有的会话数据(ative php session),我的安全性如何? 这有危险吗?

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  • douxiu6835 2015-10-28 14:51

    In In CodeIgniter 3.0.+ the Session library is using native PHP sessions.

    If you would like a session that expires when the browser is closed, set $config['sess_expiration'] = 0; in application/config/config.php

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