2015-09-16 11:07
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Should be a pretty obvious answer, but I have spent several hours looking at existing similar questions and none are working for me

My code generates logfiles for (manual) debugging etc If I use print_r($array,TRUE) to capture the output from an array as a string and then echo with <pre> tags to display that on screen, it's really easy to view and understand what's going on.

However, when I write the same info to the logfile, fwrite doesn't preserve the line break and indentation formatting so there is a splurge of info that takes significant amounts of time to make sense of, esp larger arrays and objects.

I have tried using output buffer

echo "<pre>$string</pre>";
$outputBuffer = ob_get_contents();

However, all that's now happening is that I see the <pre> tags added into the basic, non-layout output


<pre>DOING QUERY: SELECT * FROM event_triggers WHERE DateTime<='2015-09-16 13:04:30'</pre><pre>Completed checking for event triggers</pre>

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我的代码为(手动)调试等生成日志文件 如果我使用print_r($ array,TRUE)将数组的输出捕获为字符串,然后使用&lt回显 ; pre&gt; 标签在屏幕上显示,很容易查看和理解正在发生的事情。

但是,当我将相同的信息写入日志文件时,fwrite不会 不保留换行符和缩进格式,这样就会消耗大量信息,需要花费大量时间才能理解,特别是更大的数组和对象。


  $ string = print_r($ array,TRUE); 
echo“&lt; pre&gt; $ string&lt; / pre&gt;”; 
 $ outputBuffer =  ob_get_contents(); 
fwrite($ handle,$ outputBuffer); 

然而,现在发生的一切就是我 将&lt; pre&gt; 标签添加到基本的非布局输出中


 &lt  ; pre&gt; DOING QUERY:SELECT * FROM event_triggers WHERE DateTime&lt; ='2015-09-16 13:04:30'&lt; / pre&gt;&lt; pre&gt;已完成对事件触发器的检查&lt; / pre&gt; 
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  • doubai9014 2015-09-16 11:12

    You can't just add HTML tags to a document, open it in an editor expect HTML tags to be rendered correctly.

    You either have to setup your log file as a HTML file (doesn't neccessarily have to be valid, so just add .html to the file name and open it in the browser) or use var_dump to echo out the variables.

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  • dor65412 2015-09-16 11:44

    Rename file to .html extension and just open with a browser. Browser will detect it with line break html document. <pre></pre> will output like <p></p> in the browser.

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