2015-07-07 08:35
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如何从Google API / PHP SDK获取Google应用程序名称?

I'm using Google SDK, where user provides his own application ID and secret. After saving the credentials, I would like to display application's name.

Is there any way to get application's name from PHP SDK and/or API? I looked for it in the SDK core, but haven't found anything.

By application name I mean the one chosen as Project Name in the consent screen or at least the general Project Name.

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我正在使用Google SDK,用户提供自己的应用程序ID和密码。 保存凭据后,我想显示应用程序的名称。

有没有办法从PHP SDK和/或API获取应用程序的名称? 我在SDK核心中查找了它,但没有找到任何内容。


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  • douliao7354 2015-07-07 09:02

    There is no way to get any information about the projects on Google Developer console.

    There simply isn't an API for it. nothing that lets you look at a user to see what apps they have and nothing to check on it based upon the client lid and secret associated with a project.

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