2010-07-14 17:17

C ++与PCA上的PHP性能


May I know whether C++ or PHP is more efficient on running PCA (Principal Component Analysis)?

I'm developing a web based system which get uploaded image with php, and then process the image so that I can analyse the image with PCA to find out whether the image match with another image which already stored in database.

But I'm wondering which language to use (C++ or PHP or any other better alternative) for a better performance to complete the PCA task.


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  • dongshuming7131 dongshuming7131 11年前

    Generally speaking, in computationally intensive projects, code doing the same steps is 100 times faster in C (or C++ for that matter) compared to PHP. Optimizing your C will give another 2-10 times increase, depending on the time, effort and knowledge you put in.

    The point is that PHP is interpreted, and C runs, loosely speaking, almost directly on your cpu. If you really want to get the most out of it, in C you can go down the SSE1/2/3/4 road.

    You could of course use or write a library (or call it "extension") for PHP in C, which in my experience is a good match to achieve high speed at the right points while keeping the benefits of PHP.

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