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I declared my roles with parameters.yml and I want to access them from my User entity for the getRoles function (from the UserInterface https://api.symfony.com/3.4/Symfony/Component/Security/Core/User/UserInterface.html#method_getRoles ).

role_global_admin: ROLE_GLOBAL_ADMIN
role_admin: ROLE_ADMIN
role_manager: ROLE_MANAGER

I wanted to access my parameters thanks to the service definition but I learned this is strictly forbidden in symfony (for the entities). Entities shouldn't have dependencies.


 * Returns the roles granted to the user.
 * @return (Role|string)[] The user roles
public function getRoles()
    if (true === $this->isGlobalAdminRole()) {
        return ['ROLE_GLOBAL_ADMIN'];

    return null == $this->getSymfonyOrganigramRole() ? ['ROLE_MANAGER'] : [$this->getSymfonyOrganigramRole()];

I want to access the role_global_admin parameter for example and not its value directly. getRoles() is executed automatically during the connexion to give the user a role.

How can I achieve that, I want my roles to be centralized in the parameters file.


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    drls2738 drls2738 2018-06-08 17:13

    You can define your roles as constants in a separate file or in your entity and then use them in your entity, security.yml or any other yml file as mentioned here

    For example:


    class UserMetaData {
        const ROLE_ADMIN = 'ROLE_ADMIN';
        const ROLE_USER  = 'ROLE_USER';


        !php/const AppBundle\Utils\UserMetaData::ROLE_ADMIN: !php/const AppBundle\Utils\UserMetaData::ROLE_USER
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