2018-05-18 16:27



I use the php script below to query mysql and to display:

$sql1 = $con->prepare("SELECT item FROM product WHERE item LIKE ?");
$q = '%' . $q . '%';
$sql1->bind_param("s", $q);

while ($sql1->fetch()) {          
echo "<div>$item</div>

Let say search $q = 'test tube' The result did come out like this:

brush for test tube
test tube glass
test tube plastic

(This is logic since the items are indexed alphabetically in mysql)

But I after I get result array from query, I want to use PHP to sort it again by giving priority first to which ever item that meets the search keyword at the front most.

I expect the result like this:

test tube glass
test tube plastic
brush for test tube

How can I do that? Any suggestion?

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  • douqu2712 douqu2712 3年前

    You could just ORDER BY INSTR(item, ?).

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