2018-01-24 21:27
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Google Analytics核心报告API v4 PHP库方法/功能参考

It seems counterintuitive, however it looks like global reference for Google Analytics reporting API v4 PHP library does not exist. Google developer support has a couple of small pages only: one with a quick start guide, another with a few examples. Not nearly enough if one wants to utilize the library.

Is there any function reference guide for functions/methods of this library?

图片转代码服务由CSDN问答提供 功能建议

这似乎违反直觉,但它看起来像Google Analytics报告API v4 PHP库的全局参考不存在。 Google开发人员支持仅提供几个小页面:一个包含快速入门指南,另一个包含一些示例。 如果想利用图书馆,还不够。


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