2017-11-13 17:48
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I have table partitioned into say P14, P17, p16 etc. and I am using eloquent model I want to select the data from this partition.

For this use case I am not getting I should I use partitioning with model and I don't want to use raw query solution.

Is there any way where I can specify the partition in:


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我将表分区为P14,P17,p16等等我正在使用雄辩的模型我想选择 来自这个分区的数据。

对于这个用例,我没有得到我应该使用模型分区,我不想使用原始查询解决方案。 \ n


  $ result = ModelName :: where(codition) - > get(); 
 <  / code>  
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  • doudou0612 2018-05-16 02:42

    Eloquent model mapping to partition table, for example, table_001, table_002...

     $user = new User();
     $user->name = 'Joe';
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