2017-11-09 21:46
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I've been trying to find the php.ini file. I ran phpinfo() and the location shows as: C:\WINDOWS. In the Windows folders there are only php.ini-info and php.ini-recommended files. php

Could the file be in another location?

I need to configure the file so I can get a contact form on a website working. (Set smtp settings). Version is: PHP 5.0.4 running on Windows NT.

If there is another way to send the contact form fields to an email, I would consider that.

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我一直试图找到php.ini文件。 我运行了phpinfo(),位置显示为:C:\ WINDOWS。 在Windows文件夹中只有php.ini-info和php.ini-recommended文件。


我需要配置文件,以便在网站上获取联系表格。 (设置smtp设置)。 版本是:在Windows NT上运行的PHP 5.0.4。


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  • duanbiao4035 2017-11-09 21:53

    This doesn't neccessarily mean it's loading from that dir, it just means it's looking in that dir. And there's no such file there. No biggie -- typically you'd just copy php.ini-recommended to php.ini and edit as desired for your tastes.

    Note: relying on local mail delivery is usually a pain, especially for Windows where you don't normally have an SMTP service handy. I'd recommend using a mail service API like Mailgun instead. It will give you all sorts of nice features like reporting and bounce detection.

    Version is: PHP 5.0.4 running on Windows NT.

    Er, really? That is legitimately ancient and almost certainly full of security issues. You'll probably want to upgrade / replace it ASAP.

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