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连接到在Ubuntu AWS实例中创建的MySQL数据库

Ok so I created an ubuntu instance from AWS and downloaded LAMP on it as you would in a regular Ubuntu OS. When I try to connect to the db from my php script it's rejecting the connection. saying "Connection failed: Connection refused". So I guess my question is this: Does amazon not allow you to connect to a db without using their RDS database service or am I putting something wrong here? (I've hidden some of the data for security purposes, the ... are numbers of my instance). When I put "" into the browser the apache message comes up so I don't see why this is not working as a server name?

$servername = "";

$username = "root";

$password = “hidden"; 

$dbname = "questions87";

// Create connection

$conn = mysqli_connect($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);

// Check connection

if (!$conn) {

  die("Connection failed: " . mysqli_connect_error());


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好的,所以我从AWS创建了一个ubuntu实例,并像在普通的Ubuntu OS中一样下载了LAMP。 当我尝试从我的PHP脚本连接到数据库时,它拒绝连接。 说“连接失败:连接被拒绝”。 所以我想我的问题是:亚马逊不允许你在没有使用他们的RDS数据库服务的情况下连接到数据库,或者我在这里做错了吗? (为了安全起见,我隐藏了一些数据,......是我实例的数字)。 当我将“ec2-34 -... -..-”放入浏览器时,会出现apache消息,所以我不明白为什么这不能用作服务器名称?< / p>

  $ servername =“ec2-34 -... -..-”; 
 $ username =“root”;  
 $ password =“hidden”; 
 $ dbname =“questions87”; 
 $ conn = mysqli_connect($ servername,$ username,$ password,  $ dbname); 
if(!$ conn){
 </ code>  </ pre> 
 </ div>

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