2017-07-28 03:34
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I just want to know what the best practices are for getting a task runner to serve an Angular application that compiles Sass, reloads or "watches" PHP, and can query a MySQL database.

I have an app that uses Gulp to reload PHP and compile Sass, but I want to add Angular into the mix!

Any resources, comments, or questions are welcome!

Also, I followed the Webpack documentation on the Angular website (angular.io) but I was unable to deploy my application. Angular has just recently adopted webpack as a task runner/bundler.

Should I just continue to study Webpack or is there some type of workaround?



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我只想知道让任务运行器为编写Sass的Angular应用程序提供服务的最佳实践, 重新加载或“监视”PHP,并可以查询MySQL数据库。

我有一个使用Gulp重新加载PHP并编译Sass的应用程序,但我想将Angular添加到混合中! / p>


此外,我还关注了Angular网站上的Webpack文档(angular.io)但我是 无法部署我的应用程序。 Angular刚刚采用webpack作为任务运行器/捆绑器。




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  • douyu2817 2017-07-28 05:10

    Though its choice based but I would say stick to Webpack2. Its more powerful, widely used and getting better functionalities with time. Even most frameworks have CLI like angular-cli that use webpack2 under the hood. It also has the loaders to compile sass to css as you need. Checkout this github link that lists the steps to compile sass to css using Webpack loaders.


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