2017-04-30 14:00

将MySQL模式添加到MySQL Workbench?


If this is a super basic question I apologize; I'm still trying to grok MySQL and my options on interfacing with it.

I'm wondering if I'm able to add the mysql schema to MySQL Workbench? I can see and access it via PhpMyAdmin and the command line. I'm also able to query a mysql table (user, for example) from Workbench itself.

I'm mostly just curious if I can add it to the schema section in the lower left hand side of Workbench. I'm using version 6.3.

Thanks for your time and suggestions!

Edit: To better clarify, I'm just wondering if I can view the schema in Workbench like I can in PhpMyAdmin.

enter image description here

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  • drh96824 drh96824 4年前

    MySQL Workbench by default hides system tables (that is PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, INFORMATION_SCHEMA and mysql). In the preferences (SQL Editor -> Show Metadata and Internal Schemas) you can enable them. After a restart of Workbench you will get them in the schema tree.

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  • du6029076877 du6029076877 4年前

    You can not have phpmyadmin and workbench synchronized. What you could do is to work on a site, and then export the schema

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