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As a result of discussion on my previous question:

Passing data to another page after form submit with PHP

I've discovered my syntax is correct but not working the way I need it.

I'm trying to pass a variable from my first page (my page with a form) to my second page (basically just a splash to say they submitted the form).

The variable is a unique ID used as a reference number for the submission. I get the unique ID by generating a random sequence in a function.

My problem is such: I can get my variable to pass across the two pages with this code

//(First Page)
$result = "TEST";
header('Location: submittedApplication.php?result='. $result);

and I grab it with this code

//(Second Page)
echo $_GET['result'];

Which works and passes a variable for me. But what I need is to utilize this function:

    function gen_uid($l=10)
        $prefix = "#####";
        $str = ""; 
        $date = date("Y.m.d");

        for ($x=0;$x<$l;$x++)
        $str .= substr(str_shuffle("0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"), 0, 1);
        echo $prefix . $str . "<br/>" . "Generated On: " . $date; 

What I would like to use is

$result = gen_uid();

But it just passes empty to the second page, even though when I echo it out to test on the first page it works and gives me data like this

Generated On: 2017.04.27

As a recap; Page 1 is: form.php, Page 2 is: submittedApplication.php, I'm trying to pass $result (while holding the string my function generates) from page 1 -> page 2. I'm new to web development so I'm open to any avenue of getting this to work, I'm just not able to determine what avenue that is.

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  • duanchi0883649 duanchi0883649 4年前

    $result is giving a null value because you're not returning anything from the function gen_uid(), you're only echoing things.

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  • douhan8610 douhan8610 4年前

    Function you have created is not returning the desired result its just displaying it. Replace:

    echo $prefix . $str . "<br/>" . "Generated On: " . $date;


    $final_result = $prefix . $str . "<br/>" . "Generated On: " . $date;
    return $final_result; 

    this should resolve your problem.

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