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phpmailer - ajax发送参数无效的电子邮件

I'm trying to send email with Phpmailer library. It's really basic but couldn't manage to handle.

Here is my javascript code.

function sendemail() {
    var $adtext = $("#ad").val();
         var $gonderentext = $("#mail").val();
         var $mesajtext = $("#mesaj").val();

       url: '/mail.php',
      type: 'post',
       data:{action:'call_this', ad: $adtext, gonderen: $gonderentext, mesaj: $mesajtext},
       success:function(html) {
        alert("İletişim mailiniz gönderildi.");



And here is my Php file (mail.php)

 include( "class.phpmailer.php" );
 include( "class.pop3.php" );
 include( "class.smtp.php" );
if($_POST['action'] == 'call_this') {
SendMailWithGmailSMTP("deneme@senlikorg.com","İletişim Mail",$_POST['mesaj'],$_POST['mail']);


function SendMailWithGmailSMTP($to,$subject,$text,$maill)
$mail=new PHPMailer();
if($mail->Send()) return true;
else echo $mail->ErrorInfo;



Could you please help me to figure out what's wrong? Thanks in advance. Have a wonderful night.

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  • doushang1778 2017-04-26 18:48

    I believe, problem is you are using wrong param as $_POST['mail'] rather than $_POST['gonderen'] that you are sending in your ajax post data

    Try changing your php line like this:

    SendMailWithGmailSMTP("deneme@senlikorg.com","İletişim Mail",$_POST['mesaj'],$_POST['gonderen']);

    Also, let me know if you are getting any error on this line $mail->ErrorInfo; here !

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  • dongmangsha7354 2017-04-29 15:44

    It was my bad at all. Contacted with my host provider and found out i was using wrong port. Thanks everyone.




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