2017-04-16 16:36


I'm using currently to send ajax request for my datatable but noticed this:

columns: [
              { data: 'first_name'  },
                { data: 'last_name' },
                { data: 'email' },                  

but those are lines in my javascript document. I'm currently providing data like this:

return Datatables::of(User::all())->make(true);

That means if someone change lines in my js file he can view columns that he is not supposed to. Now if you take a look at github documentation you can see that this package can also accept collection or query. Is it possible to target only certain columns from database with collection or query ?

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  • dongqu4443 dongqu4443 4年前

    You can fetch only necessary columns from database like this:

    return Datatables::of(User::all(['first_name','last_name','email']))->make(true);
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