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I'm trying to send multiple data to store more tha 1 row in a data base in Laravel, for that I'm using ajax as follow:

var postData = [];

for (i = 0 ; i<100; i++){             
    postData.push({form_name: name[i], etc...});

    async: false,
    url: {{route(createForm)}},
    headers: {"X-CSRF-TOKEN": token},
    type: 'POST',
    contentType: 'application/json',
    dataType: 'json',
    data: JSON.stringify(postData),

When I check de console the data it's being send pretty good but I don't have any clue in how to fetch the request in the controller, when it is just a single request the controller works perfect like this:

public function createForm(Request $data, User $user)
    if ($data->ajax()){
        $form=new Form($data->all());

But as I said, I don't know if the request is now an array or how can I handle it to store all the data in the DB with a loop

Thanks a lot.

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我正在尝试发送多个数据来存储Laravel数据库中的更多1行,为此我 使用ajax如下:

  var postData = []; 
for(i = 0; i&lt; 100; i ++){
 postData.push({  form_name:name [i],etc ...}); 
 $ .ajax({
 headers:{  “X-CSRF-TOKEN”:令牌},
 contentType:'application / json',

当我检查de控制台时它发送的数据相当不错,但我没有任何关于如何在控制器中获取请求的线索,当它是 只需一个请求,控制器就可以完美地运行:

  public function createForm(Request $ data,User $ user)
 if if($ data-&gt; ajax)  ()){
 $ form = new Form($ data-&gt; all()); 
 $ user-&gt; forms() - &gt; save($ form);  

但正如我所说,我不知道请求现在是一个数组还是我如何处理它来存储所有 带循环的数据库中的数据


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