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CakePhp 3:在键值表中插入/更新相关字段之间切换

I'm having trouble modifying the logic for saving one of my associated table. The two tables are:

  • Clients
  • ClientMetadatas (storing the client's metadata with key/value pairs)

In the Clients Controller, the method edit(), classic, baked with cakephp, with the associated table in addition:

    $client = $this->Clients->get($id, [
        'contain' => ['ClientMetadatas']
    if ($this->request->is(['patch', 'post', 'put'])) {
        $client = $this->Clients->patchEntity($client, $this->request->data);
        if ($this->Clients->save($client, ['associated' => ['ClientMetadatas']])) {
            $this->Flash->success(__('The client has been saved.'));
        } else {
            $this->Flash->error(__('The client could not be saved. Please, try again.'));
    $this->set('_serialize', ['client']);

An example of how I edit a client and its metadatas would be, calling '/clients/edit/clientid.json'

        "firstname": "John",
        "firstname": "Smith",
                "name": "test",
                "value": "test"

Here's my problem: I'd like to verify if there is no metadata existing with this client_id and metadata's name. If it exists, I'd perform an update rather than an insert.

It seems that the ideal solution would be to do it in the Model directly.

I tried to use the callback methods:

  • beforeSave(), but I wasn't able to modify the entity
  • beforeFind(), but I wasn't able to modify the query

Any advice on how to properly do the verification and the switch between insert/update before saving the entity?

PS: I hope no information in missing. If it the case, don't hesitate, I'll add them...

Thank you !

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我在修改保存其中一个关联表的逻辑时遇到问题。 这两个表是:

  • 客户端
  • ClientMetadatas(使用键/值对存储客户端的元数据)


      $  client = $ this-> Clients-> get($ id,[
    '包含'=> ['ClientMetadatas'] 
    如果($ this-> request->是(['patch','post','put'])){
     $ client = $ this-> Clients-> patchEntity($ client,  $ this-> request-> data); 
     if($ this-> Clients-> save($ client,['associated'=> ['ClientMetadatas']])){
     $ this  - > Flash->成功(__('客户端已保存。')); 
    } else {
     $ this-> Flash->错误(__('客户端无法保存。 请再试一次。')); 
     $ this-> response-> statusCode(500); 
     $ client = $ client-> errors(); 
     $ this-  > set(compact('client')); 
     $ this-> set('_ serialize',['client']); 


    “firstname  “:”John“,

    这是我的问题:我想验证此client_id和元数据的名称是否没有元数据。 如果它存在,我将执行更新而不是插入。



    • beforeSave(),但我无法修改实体
    • beforeFind(),但我无法修改查询

      有关如何正确执行验证以及在保存之前切换/更新之间切换的任何建议 实体?

      PS:我希望没有丢失的信息。 如果是这样,请不要犹豫,我会添加它们......


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