2017-01-13 09:50
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I have downloaded Code sniffer from this page (manual installation) and i have import it in my PHP storm IDE (i have included phpcs localy). Since i'm using cakephp i and namespaces are not needed i wan't to disable code sniffer for checking if class has namespaces. How do i do this?

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我从这个页面(手动安装),我已经在我的PHP风暴IDE中导入它(我已经包含了phpcs localy)。 因为我正在使用cakephp i并且不需要名称空间我不想禁用代码嗅探器来检查类是否有名称空间。 我该怎么做?

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  • dousi4472 2017-01-13 16:22

    You need to disable ClassDeclarationSniff rule. Please be aware that the side-effect will be disabling One class per file check.

    Tutorial how to create your own custom coding standard you can find on in Configuring a local Code Sniffer script section.

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