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如何用https:// - wordpress ssl替换http:// urls

seems to be a simple question, but as i'm not good in MySQL i don't know how to exactly achieve this.

I'd like to rollout my Wordpress-Website in HTTPS:// so i generated a SSL Cert with Plesk Onyx (Lets encrypt) and added it to my site. But i now have to change the old in my database (http://siteurl.com/index.php?site=foo) etc. to https://siteurl.com/index.php?site=foo

I know that there is sth. like a find and replace command in mysql but how do i have to form the statement to exactly get all links (over 200) changed to https://

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    douzhi4056 douzhi4056 2017-01-12 18:23

    I'm not sure on how the wordpress tables look exactly, but your query should look like this, but with the correct tables filled in.

    UPDATE table SET column = replace(column, 'http://', 'https://') WHERE column NOT LIKE 'https://%';

    This replaces http:// with https:// for urls that aren't updated yet. It will only have to run once.

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