2017-01-05 18:24
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Drupal WSOD错误500

I've researched about settings.php, index.php, and .htaccess but to no avail. Basically I want to back up my production site to my acquia dev desktop 2 site. Here I made a back up of the folder and database.

But when I try to load the website I get The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later. and in the console log I get:

GET https://omgyay.dd:8443/favicon.ico 404 (Not Found)  favicon.ico:1

GET https://omgyay.dd:8443/ 500 (500 Service unavailable (with message))  omgyay.dd/:1
Navigated to https://omgyay.dd:8443

and inside the apache log I get PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.'

Any information is helpful. Mostly on how to print out the specific error message. Again, this error message is after I migrated my code over locally and before I can see any webpages once installed.

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我研究过settings.php,index.php和.htaccess但无济于事。 基本上我 想要将我的生产站点备份到我的acquia dev desktop 2站点。 在这里,我备份了文件夹和数据库。

但是当我尝试加载网站时,我得到该网站遇到意外错误。 请稍后再试。并在控制台日志中得到:

  GET https://omgyay.dd:8443 / favicon.ico 404(Not Found)  favicon.ico:1 
GET https://omgyay.dd:8443/500(500服务不可用(带消息))omgyay.dd /:1 
 <  / code>  

在apache日志中我得到 PDOException:SQLSTATE [HY000] [2002]无法建立连接,因为目标计算机主动拒绝它。'

任何信息都有帮助。 主要是关于如何打印出特定的错误消息。 同样,此错误消息是在我在本地迁移我的代码之后,在我看到任何网页安装之后。

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