2016-12-06 17:45
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For a project which uses symfony2 and the SonataAdminBundle, I am trying to figure out how to embed complete related entities in the show action.

To get more into detail, let's say I have a Article and a Comment. On the show view for the Article, I'd like to show each Comment with multiple properties as well as an EDIT on each and a CREATE to add another comment to that Article.

I was able to get it to get it to display a list of Comment entities which link to the Entity by using ->add('comments'), but that's not enough. I need to have the entity really embedded!

Is there a way to do this without coding it on our own? And if doing it manually is the only way, what's the best approach? Rewriting the template?

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  • douza19870617
    douza19870617 2016-12-06 20:59

    Simplest way is to specify a template for the collection:

    $showMapper->add('comments', 'collection', [
        'template' => 'YourBundle:SomePath:SubPath/show_comment_collection.html.twig',

    Look to SonataAdminBundle:CRUD:base_show_field.html.twig for a template to use as an example. And, in that template, you can loop over the value variable. For example:

    {% block field %}
        {% for comment in value %}
            <li><a href="{{ path('some_route', {'id':}) }}">
                {{ }} - {{ comment.otherProperty}}</a>
        {% else %}
            <li>No comments</li>
        {% endfor %}
    {% endblock %}
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