2016-03-08 11:12
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i would like to add an input field to opencart product form. the field should passed to the server and save like other fields. i added the field to the product form tpl file and passed it to the checkout/cart controller class and the 'add' method with:

data: $('#product input[type=\'text\'], #product input[type=\'hidden\'], #product input[type=\'radio\']:checked, #product input[type=\'checkbox\']:checked, #product select, #product textarea , #choosed_color'),

in the $('#button-cart').on('click' event.

i can access the field value in the 'add' method with:


how can i show it in the shopping cart and pre-factor? thanks...

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我想在opencart产品表单中添加一个输入字段。 该字段应传递给服务器并像其他字段一样保存。 我将该字段添加到产品表单tpl文件中并将其传递给checkout / cart控制器类和'add'方法,其中包含:

  data:$('#products input  [type = \'text \'],#product输入[type = \'hidden \'],#product输入[type = \'radio \']:选中,#product输入[type = \'checkbox \']  :选中,#product select,#product textarea,#choosed_color'),

在$('#button-cart')。on('click' 事件。


  $ this-> request->  post ['choosed_color'] 

如何在购物车和预先考虑因素中显示它? thanks ...

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  • dpygo62420 2016-03-11 04:24

    You can define your own custom field in opencart for products. That is the precise and correct way of doing it. Or if you are a programmer, you can alter the code as well.

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