2016-03-08 11:50
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Using Postman to see if this section of php works as intended, however Postman returns the error Malformed JSON: Unexpected 'U' and the database is not updated, can't get my head around this error as it looks fine to me?


function placeVoteForCandidate()
    global $connect;

    $username = $_POST["username"];

    $query = "UPDATE User SET votesAttained=votesAttained+1 WHERE USER_NAME = $username";

    mysqli_query($connect, $query) or die (mysqli_error($connect));

    $message['success'] = 'Vote added';
    echo json_encode($message);

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使用Postman查看php的这一部分是否按预期工作,但Postman返回错误格式错误的JSON: 意外的'U'和数据库没有更新,无法理解这个错误,因为它看起来不错?


  function placeVoteForCandidate()
 global $ connect; 
 $ username = $ _POST [“username”]; 
 $ query =“UPDATE User SET votesAttained = votesAttained  +1 WHERE USER_NAME = $ username“; 
 mysqli_query($ connect,$ query)或die(mysqli_error($ connect)); 
 mysqli_close($ connect); 
 $ message ['success']  ='投票已添加'; 
 echo json_encode($ message); 
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  • douwuli4512 2016-03-08 11:57

    When executing just

    echo json_encode('Vote added');

    there should be no problem. Is there any exception thrown causing this error? Try to change the SQL statement to

    $query = "UPDATE User SET votesAttained=votesAttained+1 WHERE USER_NAME = " . $username;
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