2016-02-08 19:07
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I'm trying to run PHPUnit tests, and need to change the short_open_tag php.ini setting to On.

Following the PHPUnit Manual, I have this in my phpunit.xml config file:

        <ini name='short_open_tag' value='On' />


But this doesn't override the setting in the php.ini file being used (which is set to 'Off'). If I go into that file and manually change the value to 'On', it works. But, I'd like to leave that setting alone and only change it for the PHPUnit tests.

My best guess: My application (and phpunit.xml file) is on a VM, but it appears that PHPUnit is referencing the php.ini file on my local machine, so setting the configuration option from the phpunit.xml is affecting the php.ini file in the VM and not on my local machine. But I'm not sure how to change that.

Where have I gone wrong?

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我正在尝试运行PHPUnit测试,需要更改 short_open_tag php。 ini设置为 On


 &lt; phpunit&gt; 
&lt; php&gt; 
  &lt; ini name ='short_open_tag'value ='On'/&gt; 
&lt; / php&gt; 
&lt; / phpunit&gt; 

但是这并没有覆盖正在使用的php.ini文件中的设置(设置为'Off')。 如果我进入该文件并手动将值更改为“打开”,则可以正常工作。 但是,我想单独保留该设置,只为PHPUnit测试更改它。

我的最佳猜测:我的应用程序(和phpunit.xml文件)位于VM上,但似乎PHPUnit正在引用本地计算机上的php.ini文件,因此设置配置 phpunit.xml中的选项正在影响VM中的php.ini文件而不是我本地计算机上的php.ini文件。 但我不确定如何改变它。


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