2015-09-06 03:12
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So I have slight problem. The PHP program I am working on allows web designers to post some code sometimes, and is put into a backend database. Sometimes the designers may also want to discuss html entities.

So let's say the designer adds a line of code to database like this:

<p>hellos friend</p>

So I use PDO to stick this line in the database without escaping it, and everything is fine, it shows up good. Now, I want the web designer to be able to edit this, so when I pull it out of database I use this code after:

$post = htmlentities($post);

It is good now that I can insert this into my editor:


But we have problem because when this guy edit this code, he submit and it go back into the database and now it got HTML entities and has & lt ; instead of < and & gt ; instead of > (it is hard to type this on SA it re-encodes it)

&lt;p&gt;hellos friend&lt;/p&gt;

So now it's wrong in database, so when I display it again, it show the entities.

So maybe I can run the opposite of htmlentities after editing it and re-add all the entities, if there is such a thing, but that brings another problem:

What if a web designer is telling other guy "Hey man, this is what an html entity is, it is typed like this: & lt; you should use it"

Then THAT is going to turn out to get stuck back into NOT being an entity, you see what I mean? Is there a solute?

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所以我有一点问题。 我正在开发的PHP程序允许Web设计人员有时发布一些代码,并放入后端数据库。 有时候设计师也可能想讨论html实体。


 &lt; p&gt; hellos friend&lt; / p&gt; 

所以我使用PDO将这一行粘在数据库中而不转义它,一切都很好,它显示 很好。 现在,我希望网页设计师能够编辑它,所以当我从数据库中取出它时,我会在以下代码后使用此代码:

  $ post = htmlentities($ post)  ; 


 &lt; textarea&gt; $  post&lt; / textarea&gt; 

但是我们遇到了问题,因为当这个人编辑这段代码时,他提交并返回数据库,现在它获得了HTML实体和 有&amp; lt; 而不是&lt; 和&amp; gt; 而不是&gt; (很难在SA上输入它重新编码)

 &amp; lt; p&amp; gt; hellos friend&amp; lt; / p&amp; gt; 
 <  / code>  


所以也许我可以运行 在编辑它之后反对 htmlentities ,并重新添加所有实体,如果有这样的事情,但这带来了另一个问题:

如果网页设计师怎么办? 正在告诉其他人“嘿,这是一个html实体,它是这样输入的:&amp; lt; 你应该使用它” \ n

那么结果会被卡回到不是一个实体,你明白我的意思了吗? 有解决方案吗?

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  • duanla8800 2015-09-06 05:34

    I think you are looking for the html_entity_decode() function. It is the reverse of htmlentities(). It converts the &lt back into <


    For your second issue you would need to have the designers escape the html entities somehow. I don't think PHP has a way to escape them but I could be wrong. It might be something you would have to implement yourself, like have the designer put a \ in front of the entity to set it apart from the entities that are suppose to be converted to HTML and then parse the input looking for escaped entities.

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