2015-08-08 16:27
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I'm trying to use php_dio & php_win32service because I want to query COM10 on my server using php and also get status & restart some of my win services.

Although I'm using the correct dlls (for PHP 5.5 X64 thread safe) I keep getting warning icon on the extensions and there is no error on php log.

I'm clueless what can be done.

please advise.

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我正在尝试使用php_dio&amp; php_win32service因为我想使用php在我的服务器上查询COM10并获得状态&amp; 重新启动我的一些win服务。</ p>

虽然我正在使用正确的dll(对于PHP 5.5 X64线程安全)但我在扩展上不断收到警告图标并且php日志中没有错误 。</ p>

我无能为力。</ p>

请告知。</ p>

</ p> </ div>

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