2018-03-22 15:26
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Im trying to loop through PHP arrays decoded from a json file. I get the results but it only gives me the first results of the arrays in the the file. How can I make it loop? This is my code:

foreach ($events as $event) {

  echo $event['d']['Tree1'][0]['Tree2']['Field1'] . '<br>';
  echo $event['d']['Tree1'][0]['Tree2']['Field2'] . '<br>';
  echo $event['d']['Tree1'][0]['Tree2']['Field3'] . '<br>';


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我试图循环遍历从json文件解码的PHP数组。 我得到了结果但它只给了我文件中数组的第一个结果。 我怎么能让它循环? 这是我的代码:

  foreach($ events as $ event){
 echo $ event ['d'] ['Tree1'] [0] ['  Tree2'] ['Field1']。  '&lt; br&gt;'; 
 echo $ event ['d'] ['Tree1'] [0] ['Tree2'] ['Field2']。  '&lt; br&gt;'; 
 echo $ event ['d'] ['Tree1'] [0] ['Tree2'] ['Field3']。  '&lt; br&gt;'; 
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  • duanchi19820419 2018-03-22 16:27

    Sounds like you're trying to loop through the values of a "multidimensional array". You're starting correctly by going through your array with a loop, but then you're stuck because each element in your loop is... another array. So, to echo out the values of the child array, you want to run a second loop inside of your loop. Essentially, if your loop hits a child array, you want to loop through that array too. If you know your array is made of child arrays only, you can do this like so:

    foreach ($events as $event) {
        foreach($event as $ev) {
            echo $ev;

    If you need the keys, that adds a slight layer of complexity, but nothing you can't manage.

    foreach ($events as $event) {
        foreach ($event as $k=>$v) {
            echo $k .': '. $v; 

    There are some examples in the php manual as well. You can also add in conditionals if you only need data from specific keys. Good luck!

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