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Woocommerce - 在Checkout中获取自定义字段的价值

I have a nimble question that i am not getting any answer of. I have added a custom field using "Checkout Field Editor" in Woocommerce Checkout fields. The field is given below and seems to be working fine.

 <input class="input-text " name="wc_order_field_7542" id="wc_order_field_7542" placeholder="Pickup Date" value="" type="text">

However, now I am working on a plugin and want to get value inputted in this specific field and cannot seem to figure out. For the other fields I am simply doing the following as I am doing for "billing email" and it is working:

public function get_billing_email() {
        $billing_email = $this->order->billing_email;
        return apply_filters( 'xc_woo_cloud_print_billing_email', $billing_email, $this );
public function billing_email() {
    echo $this->get_billing_email();

I am sure I am forgetting something and not doing something right.

Any help is appreciated.

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我有一个敏捷的问题,我没有得到任何答案。 我在Woocommerce Checkout字段中使用“Checkout Field Editor”添加了一个自定义字段。 该字段在下面给出,似乎工作正常。

 &lt; input class =“input-text”name =“wc_order_field_7542”id =“wc_order_field_7542”placeholder =“Pickup 日期“value =”“type =”text“&gt; 

但是,现在我正在处理插件并想要在此特定字段中输入值 似乎无法弄清楚。 对于其他字段,我只是在做“收费电子邮件”时正在执行以下操作,它正在运行:

  public function get_billing_email(){
 $ billing_email = $  this-&gt; order-&gt; billing_email; 
返回apply_filters('xc_woo_cloud_print_billing_email',$ billing_email,$ this); 
 echo $ this-&gt; get_billing_email(); 



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