2017-11-21 12:55
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I am trying to redirect 404 page to home page in magento 1.9.

From admin config->web I can set in 'cms no page' to 'Home Page' option and it is redirecting properly.

Like, '' which is 404 page, this redirecting to home page but in browser url is not changing.

I have tried .htaccess to ,

ErrorDocument 404 /index.php

but its not working,

ANy suggestion would be great.

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我正在尝试将404页面重定向到magento 1.9中的主页。</ p>

来自admin config-&gt; web我可以将'cms no page'设置为'Home Page'选项,它正确地重定向。</ p>

Like,' '这是404页面,这个重定向到主页但在浏览器网址中没有变化。</ p>

我已经尝试过.htaccess了,</ p>

ErrorDocument 404 /index.php


但它不起作用,</ p>

任何建议都会很棒。 </ p> </ div>

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