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I have a dynamic amount of arrays in a specific array.
Let's call this specific array: FatherArray

This FatherArray has a dynamic amount of arrays in it, right now for example: Child1Array,Child2Array. Next time it gets called it could have more or less than those 2 Child(number)Arrays.

So I want to use the function array_intersect() with the arrays (children) of FatherArray as parameters, so like array_intersect(Child1Array,Child2Array).
I don't have a clue how i could do this dynamically, neither could I find anything about it, any help would greatly be appreciated

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让我们调用这个特定的数组: FatherArray

这个 FatherArray 中有一个动态数量的数组,例如: 的 Child1Array ,<强> Child2Array 即可。 下次调用时它可能比那些2个子(数字)数组更多或更少。

我想使用函数array_intersect()和 FatherArray 作为参数,所以像array_intersect(Child1Array,Child2Array)。
我不知道我怎么能动态地做到这一点,我也找不到任何关于它的东西,任何帮助都会很大 不胜感激

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