2017-11-06 19:12
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DocuSign - UsernameToken是预期但不存在

I'm trying to embed DocuSign within a site using a custom pdf and found this was pretty useful: DocuSign SDK

Using the examples, I was able to get it working and dynamically adding in collected data before the user signs. However, I've found that it's required to be logged in because it throws the following error otherwise:

UsernameToken is expected but not present in the security header of the incoming message.

I currently have a form that submits to the embeddocusign.php file that's in the \PHP\DocuSignSample folder within the repository I linked to before.

My question is, how do I go about getting this to work without having the user log in?

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我正在尝试使用自定义pdf在一个站点中嵌入DocuSign,发现这非常有用: DocuSign SDK

使用示例,我能够 让它工作并在用户签名之前动态添加收集的数据。 但是,我发现它需要登录,因为它会抛出以下错误:


我目前有一个提交到embeddocusign.php文件的表单,该文件位于我之前链接到的存储库中\ PHP \ DocuSignSample文件夹中。


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