2017-10-24 08:10
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I just completed a custom wordpress site for a client and am wondering how to change the tab title that you see at the top of the browser to display the name of the company instead of the whole url ... so in my example I want it to say Kirby's Moving Company instead of and then behind the name of the company id like it to display the page such as Kirby's Moving Company - Home even though it won't be visible in the actual tab since the company name is so long. I'm including a screenshot that shows how I want the tab to link by using another site that I've built and then showing the Kirby's Moving link and how it looks.

Here is the screenshot:

enter image description here

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!

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我刚为客户完成了一个自定义wordpress网站,我想知道如何更改你在 在浏览器的顶部显示公司的名称而不是整个网址...所以在我的例子中我希望它说Kirby的移动公司而不是然后在公司ID的名称背后显示它显示 柯比的移动公司 - 家庭这样的页面,即使它在实际标签中不可见,因为公司名称太长了。 我在屏幕截图中显示了我希望标签如何通过使用我构建的其他网站进行链接,然后显示Kirby的移动链接以及它的外观。

这是 截图:

非常感谢任何帮助,非常感谢! \ n

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  • dsakktdog498483070 2017-10-24 08:16

    Check this out:

    Hello, try this: (just go to Appearance_Customize_Screen > Site identity and modify the site title


    Also you could also read this, It might help!

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