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Alright so I have a form where you select a CSV file and when you hit the sales_importer button I would like my java to call my php function and get the returned multidimensional array to then do later processing. When I run the following code I get the alert box with a multidimensional array of values but it seems like it is in string form. When I do alert(result[0][0]); I get [ in my alert box.

I have tried changing my dataType in my ajax call to json but then it just fails but I still get a 200 response from my browser. Any suggestions of what might be going on/how to go about fixing it?


$('body').on('click', '#sales_importer', function() {
        type: 'POST',
        data: new FormData($('form[id="import_form"]')[0]),
        cache: false,
        contentType: false,
        processData: false, 
        url: admin_url+'Clients/import',
        success: function(result){    


public function import()
    if ($this->input->is_ajax_request()) {
        if (isset($_FILES['client_file_csv']['name']) && $_FILES['client_file_csv']['name'] != '') {            
            // Get the temp file path
            $tmpFilePath = $_FILES['client_file_csv']['tmp_name'];
            // Make sure we have a filepath
            if (!empty($tmpFilePath) && $tmpFilePath != '') { 
                // Setup our new file path
                $newFilePath = TEMP_FOLDER . $_FILES['client_file_csv']['name'];

                if (!file_exists(TEMP_FOLDER)) {
                    mkdir(TEMP_FOLDER, 777);
                if (move_uploaded_file($tmpFilePath, $newFilePath)) { 
                    $import_result = true;
                    $fd            = fopen($newFilePath, 'r');
                    $rows          = array();
                    while ($row = fgetcsv($fd)) {
                        $rows[] = $row;
                    $data['total_rows_post'] = count($rows);

                    echo json_encode($rows); 
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