2017-07-27 21:44
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在prestashop 1.7的管理模块中启用jquery2

I'm using prestashop to write an admin module that adds nested categories and products from a csv file. I understood that addJQuery() is deprecated and I'm trying to get jquery code to work. I get Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined.

I have created a displayBackOfficeHeader hook with the following:

public function hookDisplayBackOfficeHeader(){

as you can see I have tried including jqShim.min.js and I still got the same error. what am I missing?


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我正在使用prestashop编写一个管理模块,用于添加csv文件中的嵌套类别和产品。 我知道 addJQuery()已被弃用,我正试图让jquery代码工作。 我得到Uncaught ReferenceError:$未定义

我创建了一个 displayBackOfficeHeader 钩子,其中包含以下内容: \ n

  public function hookDisplayBackOfficeHeader(){
 $ this-> context-> controller-> addJS($ this-> _path。'/ js / jqShim.min.js')  ; 
 $ this-> context-> controller-> addCSS($ this-> _path。'/ css / getcontent.css'); 
 $ this-> context-> controller->  addJS($ this-> _path。'/ js / getcontent.js'); 

你可以看到我试过包含 jqShim.min.js 我仍然遇到同样的错误。 我错过了什么?


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  • drvxnivoqf17568697 2017-07-28 05:58

    You can include $this->context->controller->addJquery(); in first line of your hookDisplayBackOfficeHeader() function.

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