2017-05-02 19:43
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I've made this xml file to manage some audio tracks information.


It's updated by users that will input all the information about tracks using a form. I need to search into the xml to show to the logged user his inserted tracks, so i want to use the $_SESSION variable to search into the xml file and return only the nodes added by the user. Is it possible using php? I store the $_SESSION information into the field named uid, so this value is different for every user.

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&LT; UID&GT; betauser&LT; / UID&GT; 
&LT;艺术家&GT; cianci&LT; /艺术家&GT; 
&LT;标题&GT; cianci&LT;  /title>
<bside>  chitarra_peps&lt; / bside&gt; 
&lt; / track&gt; 
&lt; / releases&gt; 

用户会更新它,它将使用表单输入有关曲目的所有信息。 我需要搜索xml以向已登录用户显示他插入的曲目,因此我想使用$ _SESSION变量搜索xml文件并仅返回用户添加的节点。 有可能使用PHP吗? 我将$ _SESSION信息存储到名为uid的字段中,因此每个用户的值都不同。

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  • doushibu2453 2017-05-02 20:50

    You can use SimpleXml and Xpath to find track with specified uid

    $uid = 'betauser';
    $xml = simplexml_load_string($str);
    $track = $xml->xpath('//track[uid="'. $uid .'"]');
    echo $track[0]->asXML();


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