dongwu8064 2017-04-16 16:32
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admin-ajax.php?action = woocommerce_feature_product 403错误

i have a wordpress with woocommerce plugin but when i trying to set featured some product on woocommerce product page that star used to set featured item show yes but in phpmyadmin there is no change on _featured of the item i use firefox inspect element in the network tap when i click on star buttom i got 302 error on:"wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=woocommerce_feature_product&product_id=74&_wpnonce=2bd42dcb1e" i disable all other plugins and there is no change in functions.php of my theme i realy dont know why this happen befor the woocommerce major update(ver 3) every thing is ok but after that i cant featured some item. my woocommerce ver: 3.0.3 my wordpress ver: 4.7.3

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