2017-04-16 16:32
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admin-ajax.php?action = woocommerce_feature_product 403错误

i have a wordpress with woocommerce plugin but when i trying to set featured some product on woocommerce product page that star used to set featured item show yes but in phpmyadmin there is no change on _featured of the item i use firefox inspect element in the network tap when i click on star buttom i got 302 error on:"wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=woocommerce_feature_product&product_id=74&_wpnonce=2bd42dcb1e" i disable all other plugins and there is no change in functions.php of my theme i realy dont know why this happen befor the woocommerce major update(ver 3) every thing is ok but after that i cant featured some item. my woocommerce ver: 3.0.3 my wordpress ver: 4.7.3

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我有一个带有woocommerce插件的wordpress 但当我试图在woocommerce产品页面上设置特色产品 设置特色项目显示是但在phpmyadmin没有改变_featured项目 i使用firefox检查元素在网络点击当我点击星形buttom我得到302错误:“wp-admin / admin-ajax.php ?action = woocommerce_feature_product& product_id = 74& _wpnonce = 2bd42dcb1e“ i禁用所有其他插件,我的主题中的functions.php没有变化 i真的不知道为什么会发生这种情况 每个woocommerce主要更新(版本3) 事情还可以,但在那之后,我不能展示一些项目。 电子邮件:3.0.3 my wordpress ver:4.7.3

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  • duanreng3439 2017-04-17 03:38

    From WooCommerce v3.0 featured items are not tracked by meta any more they are now Taxonomy. That's why you don't see the featured meta getting updated.

    Featured products are also using the new product_visibility taxonomy instead of meta which improves queries on those.

    Read the blog here

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