2017-01-18 08:53
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I'm using mpdf to download an existing file like this-


I need the file downloaded to be read only. Right now the downloaded files can be opened in word and edited, I wish to avoid that.

TL;DR : I'm downloading an existing file from my system which my clients can edit by opening in word, need to avoid that.I can't have password protection for the files(client requirement)

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我正在使用mpdf下载这样的现有文件 -

  <代码> $ mpdf-&GT;输出( 'my_filename.pdf', 'd');  

我需要下载的文件是只读的。 现在下载的文件可以用word打开并编辑,我希望避免这种情况。

TL; DR : 我正在下载现有的文件 我的客户可以通过单词打开来编辑我的系统,需要避免这种情况。我无法对文件进行密码保护(客户要求)

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  • douguio0185 2017-01-18 16:48

    Use the SetProtection() function as described here.

    $filename = 'filename.pdf';
    $html = 'Testing PDF protection.';
    $mpdf = new mPDF('utf-8', 'A4-P');
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