2017-01-13 08:52
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I searched far and wide and I'm not even sure it is possible, but please let me know if you know anything that might be useful.

I use PhpStorm 9.0 to edit my .php files. I sometimes use multiple servers and multiple local computers to work on one project, which calls for a lot of synchronizing of files.

PhpStorm's built-in synchronization function works pretty well, however I repeatedly face the problem with line separators.

For example out of 50 files there are 3 which are changed, but since the server changes line separators on it's own, PhpStorm treats all those files as changed, which means I can't review just the 3 files, I have to browse through all 50 to check which are changed.

Anybody here has been successful with changing this behavior to ignore line separators?

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我搜索得很远,我甚至不确定是否可行,但如果你知道的话请告诉我 任何可能有用的东西。

我使用PhpStorm 9.0来编辑我的.php文件。 我有时会使用多个服务器和多个本地计算机来处理一个项目,这需要大量同步文件。


For 50个文件中的例子有3个被更改,但由于服务器自行更改行分隔符,PhpStorm将所有这些文件视为已更改,这意味着我无法查看3个文件,我必须浏览所有50个文件 检查哪些已更改。


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  • doushen4719 2017-01-13 10:38

    Well .. technically line endings are kind of ignored (when comparing content by lines) .. but files with the difference in line endings only are still listed as being different in the actual file list:

    Watch those tickets (star/vote/comment) to get notified on any progress.

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