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I know this question may first appear to be a duplicate of others, but I'm asking this because I have WordPress installed in my /var/www/html directory. I was learning WordPress a couple of years ago before creating a website and never used it again.

Well, I'm creating a php project using PhpStorm and testing in my browser. I'm following a tutorial so I can configure my databse (phpmyadmin), and the instructor keeps going to his localhost, which displays the directory structure as seen here:

localhost directory structure

Since I have WordPress on my localhost, navigating to that takes me to my WordPress installation, which is not what I want to access.

I would rather ask this question on here before I potentially break my Apache configuration, so how can I access this project? Do I need to remove WordPress completely? It would be nice to keep it for future testing since I'm slowly getting into making plugins.

What are your suggestions? I can't really say much as far as "what have you tried?" since I don't know where to begin.

Running in Chrome within my PhpStorm IDE takes me to localhost:63342/projectName/respectivePhpFileName.php, but I can't access it outside of the IDE yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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我知道这个问题可能首先看起来与其他问题重复,但我问这是因为我有WordPress 安装在我的/ var / www / html目录中。 几年前我在学习WordPress之前创建了一个网站,但从未再次使用它。

好吧,我正在使用PhpStorm创建一个php项目并在我的浏览器中进行测试。 我正在学习一个教程,所以我可以配置我的数据库(phpmyadmin),教师继续访问他的localhost,它显示了如下所示的目录结构:


在我可能破坏我的Apache配置之前,我宁愿在这里提出这个问题,那么我该如何访问这个项目呢? 我需要完全删除WordPress吗? 因为我正在慢慢开始制作插件,所以保留它以备将来测试会很好。

您有什么建议? 就“你试过什么?”而言,我真的不能说太多。 因为我不知道从哪里开始。

在我的PhpStorm IDE中运行Chrome会将我带到localhost:63342 / projectName / individPhpFileName.php,但我还是无法在IDE之外访问它。


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  • dou44481 2016-12-26 21:41

    Just move your Wordpress outside your htdocs folder...I think he is using something like XAMPP so in that way is very easy to do it, because the folder without an index will be detected as a directory not a Wordpress URL (correct me if I'm wrong). So if that doesn't works, just go to your htdocs (/var/www/html or opt/lampp/htdocs in Linux) directory (or where your wordpress is stored) and move it to other folder (like My documents) where you can backup it, and that's it, you can create that folder and keep following that tutorial.

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