2016-11-25 14:31
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如何在symfony 3项目中恢复app文件夹?

my app folder was deleted without my intention, is there any way to restore it, i have all my routing and Roles configuration in it i'm using Php storm if this has any relation with my problem

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我的app文件夹被删除了,没有我的意图,有没有办法恢复它,我有我的所有路由和角色 如果这与我的问题有任何关系 ,请使用Php storm进行配置

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  • doulang9521 2016-11-25 14:55
    1. Open Project view, right click on the root directory of your project, Local History -> Show History. If you're lucky, the folder with all its contents will be there. If you're not, have fun restoring everything manually.

    2. Start using a version control system, for crying out loud.

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