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Android SQLite sql语句问题

view_contacts JOIN (SELECT contact_id AS snippet_contact_id, ifnull((SELECT MIN(data1) FROM data JOIN raw_contacts ON (data.raw_contact_id = raw_contacts._id) JOIN phone_lookup ON data._id=phone_lookup.data_id WHERE search_index.contact_id=contact_id AND normalized_number LIKE 'XXX%'),content) AS snippet FROM search_index WHERE search_index MATCH 'content:*XXX* OR name:16* OR tokens:XXX*' AND snippet_contact_id IN default_directory) ON (_id=snippet_contact_id) LEFT OUTER JOIN agg_presence ON (_id = agg_presence.presence_contact_id) LEFT OUTER JOIN status_updates contacts_status_updates ON (status_update_id=contacts_status_updates.status_update_data_id)


我把 LIKE XXX前面+了%号 , MATCH XXX前加了*号,不知道为什么还是没用。

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