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提交按钮后触发PHP脚本 - 使用react js

I worked on a tool that was in HTML and used JQuery for AJAX calls to run PHP scripts. But now the requirement is to use React JS and I am new to it. I dint find good document to see how to trigger PHP scripts using React JS. Is there any link or document which has examples of these? any help is highly appreciated.

     <button type="button" class="btn btn-success" id = "button" value="submit"  >Submit</button>
  $('#button').click(function () { ..... }

 In react : 
 <button type="button"> <span> Submit </span>

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我使用的是HTML工具,并使用JQuery进行AJAX调用来运行PHP脚本。 但现在要求使用React JS,我是新手。 我找到了一个很好的文档,看看如何使用React JS触发PHP脚本。 是否有任何链接或文档有这些例子? 任何帮助都非常感谢。 </ p>

 &lt; button type =“button”class =“btn btn-success”id =“button”value =“submit”&gt;提交&lt; / button&gt; 
 $  ('#button')。click(function(){.....} 
 In react:
&lt; button type =“button”&gt;&lt; span&gt;提交&lt; / span&gt; 
  </ code> </ pre> 
 </ div>

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