2016-02-09 02:20
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Wordpress PHP ++错误?

One question.

This is my PHP-file:

And the respective page in my Wordpress backend looks like this: --> as you can see there are only 10 "blocks" (the rows where you choose "Office/Company", "User for new post" and "Category for new post")

My question: How do I change the code to show me more of those blocks? I would need 450 to be exact.

Any hint is much appreciated!

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一个问题。</ p>

这是我的PHP文件: </ p>

以及相应的页面 在我的Wordpress后端看起来像这样: - &gt; 你可以看到只有10个“块”(你选择“Office / Company”,“新帖用户”和“新帖子类别”的行)</ p>

我的问题 :如何更改代码以向我显示更多这些块? 我需要450准确。</ p>

任何提示都非常感谢!</ p> </ div>

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