doushuo8677 2016-01-08 02:27
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在SQL IN中使用数组

Two part question...(note that I'm using a PostGres)

My SQL query is formatted like this:

        url: "https://something?q=SELECT *database_final_form_merge where territory in ("+terrs+")",
        type: 'GET',
        dataType: 'JSON',
     success: function(data) {

The variable terrs is an array like this:

["D1VE3011", "D1VE3011", "D1VD2209", "D1VD2209", "D1VD2103", "D1VD2103"]

This formats the SQL query like this though:

SELECT* from database_final_form_merge where territory IN (D1VE3011,D1VE3011,D1VD2209,D1VD2209,D1VD2103,D1VD2103)

But it needs to be in this format (I think):

SELECT* from database_final_form_merge where territory IN ('D1VE3011','D1VE3011','D1VD2209','D1VD2209','D1VD2103','D1VD2103')

This works when I try it directly without an AJAX GET. Is there a different way I should be passing this array?

That's question 1.

Question there a way to pass that array so that only unique values are passed? You'll note that in my array there are duplicates, but wondering if there's a way to only pass along unique values.


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  • dongwen5019 2016-01-08 02:41

    Let's put passing query as a parameter aside and get into the problem.

    For the question 2 you can use jQuery.unique

    And for the former question:

    "('" + terrs.join("','") + "')" generates ('D1VE3011','D1VE3011','D1VD2209','D1VD2209','D1VD2103','D1VD2103') part.

    Mind the white spaces though. You might end up with string like this

    '(' D1VD2209',' D1VD2103','D1VD2103 ')

    *EDITED accordingly

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