2015-12-21 23:39
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I want to target the jQuery selector class and change it some for a purpose. My code is in php string like below.

<?php echo '<span class="demo"><script>jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(".dt").iconpicker(); });</script></span>';?>

I know there is attr selector but it may work on img or input and other tags . How about the script tag ? Is it possible ? Please suggest me ...

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我想定位jQuery选择器类并将其更改为某个目的。 我的代码是在php字符串中,如下所示。

 &lt;?php echo'&lt; span class =“demo”&gt;&lt; script&gt; jQuery(document).ready(function($){$(“。  dt“)。iconpicker();});&lt; / script&gt;&lt; / span&gt;';?&gt; 

我知道 attr 选择器,但它可以在 img input 和其他标签上工作。 脚本标签怎么样? 可能吗 ? 请建议我......

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  • dpndp64206 2015-12-22 01:34

    I'm not sure why would you do this, however the answer is YES it is possible to pick the script tag using Element Selecting, with no id # nor class . prefixes, just like $('span.demo>script') or $('span.demo script') sure you can omit the span word and write it like $('.demo...).

    As shown in this PHP Fiddle - hit run or F9 to execute - I was able to pick the script tag and alter its inner html (or text) - check this script element with the dev tool inspecter - but I couldn't execute the new injected function myColor() as you can see in this image:

    enter image description here


        echo '<span class="demo"><script>alert("My original span next");</script></span>';
        var $html = "myColor();";
        function myColor(){


    Alternatively you can give that script tag an id attribute and pick it directly, just like in this JS Fiddle again check the span.demo with the dev tool inspector. check these two links for more information:

    What is the point of using an ID attribute in a script tag?

    Giving the script tag an ID

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