2015-09-05 11:11
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I was trying to create custom posts, Admin site work well but posts are not displayed on client side Tutorial I followed


Both tutorial does not work for me.

I am able to create new custom posts (Review type (music, movie)) When I Click on View post button it take me to http://localhost/test001/music_review/mama-love/ While page says

"Oops! That page can’t be found."

However If I search "Mama Love" result shows an entry for it but when clicked, it again take me to the above link with same error. This has worked for me only once. I tried both tutorials separately with new Worpress site(So they both are not conflicting).

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我试图创建自定义帖子,管理网站工作正常,但帖子没有显示在客户端 教程我跟着

  1. 元框 - wp-27645


    能够创建新的自定义帖子(评论类型(音乐,电影) ) 当我点击查看帖子按钮时,它会转到 http:// localhost / test001 / music_review / mama-love / 当页面上写着 < blockquote>

    “哎呀! 无法找到该页面。“

    但是,如果我搜索”Mama Love“结果显示了一个条目,但点击后,它再次带我到 上面的链接有相同的错误。 这对我只有一次。我分别用新的Worpress网站尝试了两个教程(所以它们都没有冲突)。

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  • doudao5287 2015-09-05 15:52

    Once you've registered a custom post type you need to flush your rewrite rules.

    1. In the WordPress admin to go Settings -> Permalinks
    2. Press "Save Changes"
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