2015-06-23 17:42
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将SOAP XML响应转换为PHP对象或数组

I have found this piece of PHP code:


$client = new SoapClient("http://localhost/code/soap.wsdl");

// Soap call with HelloWorld() method
$something =  $client->HelloWorld(array('option1' => 'attribute1'));

// Convert object to array
$array = (array)$something;

I just want to know where soap.wsdl resides or from where we can download soap.wsdl file for PHP.

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 &lt  ;?php 
 $ client = new SoapClient(“http://localhost/code/soap.wsdl”); 
 $ something = $ client-&gt  ; HelloWorld(array('option1'=&gt;'attribute1')); 
 $ array =(array)$ something; 

我只是想知道 soap.wsdl 所在的位置,或者我们可以从哪里下载PHP的 soap.wsdl 文件。

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  • doupo5178 2015-06-23 17:45

    The location of the WSDL-file is going to depend on the SOAP API you're calling. Check their documentation.

    The example code you provided of implies they're working locally, and you're hosting the WSDL on your own, local machine.

    Research Edit

    Apparently you can use the PHP soap client in non-WSDL mode. This is accomplished by passing in null as the param instead of the location of the wsdl file.

    Also relevant, is this other SO result on non-WSDL mode

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