2015-06-16 14:07



I'm looking to get this value 'B00DS4KJR4' enclosed in tags from a url by using file_get_contents() function in PHP. However, I'm failing to write the correct regex to find the value from this html source code the page:

<span class="a-text-bold">ASIN:

Can you help me to write the correct regex to find that particular value on the page ?

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  • douba1904 douba1904 6年前

    You can use a regular expression like the following also presented on Regex101. This looks for a <span> with any attributes, containing the string ASIN: in the innerHTML followed by another <span> and captures the contents of the second <span>.

    $html ='<span class="a-text-bold">ASIN:
    if (preg_match('/<span\s[^><]*>\s*ASIN:\s*<\/span>\s*<span>\s*([^><]*)\s*<\/span>/i', $html, $m)) {
        $asin = $m[1];
        print $asin;
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  • dongnao1908 dongnao1908 6年前

    The first span doesn't match with the regex because it has class in it, the other ones which are written like <span>anything</span> will be found.

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