2014-12-28 17:37
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我应该只使用myisam或innodb作为我的mysql DB [关闭]

I am not sure if I should use myisam or innodb for my mysql DB.

My needs:

I will use full-text search. Both myisam and innodb support this since mysql 5.6

I will only do inner-joins between different tables

About 75% of all queries will be SELECT, that has inner-joins

Will myisam be best for me consider the stuff above?

Also, can I do inner-joins between one table that runs myisam to a table that runs innodb?

Eg my users table is innoDB, I do a inner-join from that table to the product table that runs on myisam. In order to get all products for a user.

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我将使用全文搜索。 myisam和innodb都支持这个,因为mysql 5.6

我只会在不同的表之间进行内连接 < p> 大约75%的查询都是SELECT,有内连接



例如我的用户表 是innoDB,我从该表进行内部连接到myisam上运行的产品表。 为了获得用户的所有产品。

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  • doulvyi2172
    doulvyi2172 2014-12-28 18:40

    The information you have written here, what you are looking for, does not state which one of the engines would fit you better. Both meets your requirements.

    A very simplified way to determine what engine suites you better is if you are looking for speed or consistency, eg: myisam for speed and innodb for consistency, but you will then need to work with FK constraints. The comment of Hanky that linked to MyISAM versus InnoDB tells you more about the differences.

    If you are looking to do a full-text index, you could also have a look at sphinx

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