2014-11-08 21:10



i have a string to be used for latex later the string is... roughly

$string  = "\\sin\\left(x\ight)^{2}";

where the sin could also be cos, tan, sec, log, etc.. the exponent could also be any integer, float or variable, the argument could be anything..

I would like a regex function that turns it into

$string  = "\\sin^{2}\\left(x\ight)";

or more generally

generalstring = "f(t)^{n}";

to be turned into "f^{n}(t)"; my apologies in advance, i have a feeling this should be extremely easy to do, I'm just learning this.

oh also i would like to restric this to only strings with trig functions logs and some other ones where my functions are not printing correctly.

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  • douxie9471 douxie9471 7年前

    Please try the following code:

    $string = preg_replace('/\\\\(\w+)\\\\left\\((.+?)\\\ight\\)\\^\\{([^}]+)\\}/','\\\\$1^{$3}\left($2ight)',$string);

    For me, the output is:

    print "$string

    Another test:

    $string  = "\\cos\\left(3x\ight)^{2.6}";



    It also works for multiple functions, since preg_replace is global per default.

    $string = "\\sin\\left(x\ight)^{3}\\cos\\left(y\ight)^{2}";

    Edit: Please note the corrected expression.

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  • dtujfmfs06058 dtujfmfs06058 7年前

    A regex like


    see how the regex matches

    The replacement string is \\1\\3\\2


    would produce an output as

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